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Lawyer Hatice Demir: “The Convention explicitly bans discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity”

Thanks to the Istanbul Convention, in the event of a partner violation or persistent pursuit against LGBTQ+ individuals, we can get results when we apply for restraining or protection orders.

“Protecting women is not the same as protecting the family,” says Mine Akarsu from Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation.

The state, which under normal circumstances has no qualms about meddling with our private lives, anchors such cases to the protection of family in a patriarchal manner if the case involves a family.

Feminist Lawyer Canan Arın: “Istanbul Convention is the human rights convention of women.”

We used to struggle to extend our rights, and now, we are reduced to a position of trying to preserve them.

What Should We Say to Children Abused by Their Loved Ones?

If we could only tell abused children that abuse is abuse, and that it has nothing to do with love.

Abortion in the New Turkey: A Single Woman’s Experience

Even though it’s legal to end unwanted pregnancies of up to 10 weeks, we still are unable to freely exercise this right.

“You Arabs are gonna come here and harass our women?!?”

The reason I’m at the police station is because I was harassed and I’m waiting for the police to take my statement.

In Turkey, female patients bear brunt of misdiagnoses

The common request shared by every woman I spoke to for this article was that they would be properly listened to.

Interview with Nuriye Gülmen: “I have more hope today than I did on the first day”

Our resistance is greater today. We are thousands of people who harbor the same hope.

Turkey’s First Queer Olympics

August 25-26-27, Istanbul. Free and open to the public!

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