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Rebekka Endler: “If You Can’t Navigate Here, This Is Not Your City”

How the fuck did we all end up in patriarchy in the first place and how do we get out of it?

Healer, Rapist and Cult

What ever happened to Mara Lorenzio?

Imaginary Islands and Turkish Dogs: İstasyon and the Ethics of Care

İstasyon should be treated with the dignity of a universal work of global fiction rather than a representative of the Turkish ethos.

“We are not wretched cleaners. We are domestic workers, and we are unionized!”

An in depth interview with the women of Domestic Workers Union, their achievements, priorities and call for solidarity.

Bedsheets, Coffee, Period Blood: Works to Overthrow the System

Artist Zehra Doğan talks about her process of creating her first solo exhibition while in Tarsus prison, convicted for a painting she has done on the violence that took place in Nusaybin against the Kurdish population.

Ethos: Don’t ever call it fate

We have seen this film before, but it was never shot this well. 

Enflamed: Women and Queer in 2020

How has the feminist movement across the world braved through 2020? What awaits us in 2021?

How Are Women Defending the Istanbul Convention Across Turkey?

The recent debate regarding Turkey’s possible withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention has sparked protests all over Turkey. Women and Lgbti+ have taken to the streets in defense of their basic human rights. We spoke to 5 of these organizations across the country.

Havle Women’s Association: “Contrary to general assumptions, the Justice and Development Party base does not comply with everything that the government decrees”

Contrary to the general assumptions, the Justice and Development Party base does not comply with everything that the government decrees, neither about alimony law, early marriages nor about the withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention.  

The Istanbul Convention Debate: What Has Changed in a Decade?

The Istanbul Convention has become a very critical lens not only to see the record of gender equality in Turkey but also to predict AKP’s and Turkey’s future.

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