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Pioneer on the International FIlm Festival Scene: An Interview with Hülya Uçansu

The world’s leading festivals which have existed for more than 70 years – Cannes, Venice, and Berlin, known as the Big Three – are still to appoint a female head. In such context, the fact that the Istanbul International Film Festival was helmed by a woman, Hülya Uçansu, from its launch in 1982 up until 2006, is particularly special.

Translating A Strange Woman

Both of the translators of A Strange Woman still had to deal with the inherent limits of using language to understand and explain their author.

On Fabric, Urban Space and Feminist Collaboration: Interview with Nadin Reschke

“Acting as a group always creates a multitude of positions and viewpoints. And I believe that the real challenge of our society is how to live with such heterogeneity and plurality.”

Wandering Feelings from Performance to Textile: Interview with Sevda Semer

A significant part of my work stems from not daring to call myself one and looking for expressions outside of what I imagined was “official” art.

Can a Refuge Be Found?

Even though I had dreamt of running away from everyone and everything from time to time, my first and only time running away from home was when I was eight years old.

Works by major Ukrainian folk artists under attack in Ukraine

Maria Prymachenko represents both folk naivety and rootedness in the tradition and the liberation from the conventions that women experienced in rural Ukraine.

We NEED to talk about contraceptives; in the name of our sexual health

What have I learned when asking women what makes them choose the contraceptive method they use.

Rebekka Endler: “If You Can’t Navigate Here, This Is Not Your City”

How the fuck did we all end up in patriarchy in the first place and how do we get out of it?

Healer, Rapist and Cult

What ever happened to Mara Lorenzio?

Imaginary Islands and Turkish Dogs: İstasyon and the Ethics of Care

İstasyon should be treated with the dignity of a universal work of global fiction rather than a representative of the Turkish ethos.

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