On Fabric, Urban Space and Feminist Collaboration: Interview with Nadin Reschke

“Acting as a group always creates a multitude of positions and viewpoints. And I believe that the real challenge of our society is how to live with such heterogeneity and plurality.”

Wandering Feelings from Performance to Textile: Interview with Sevda Semer

A significant part of my work stems from not daring to call myself one and looking for expressions outside of what I imagined was “official” art.

The Art of Empathy: An Interview with Russian Graphic Artist Victoria Lomasko

A conversation with Victoria Lomasko, whose graphic reportage art illustrates the ‘Other Russias.’

What Levin Gave Anna Karenina

Interview with Elif Batuman: Part 2

Elif Batuman: “This is the novel I needed to write first”

The desire to be loved vs. the desire to outsmart

Interview with Sarah Kendzior: “Exploitation should not be a rite of passage”

“You could say I am angry, but I don’t see that as a negative quality.”

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